Elder Arts Workshops

Elder Arts Workshops provide our senior community the opportunity to participate in virtual interactive workshops that compliment Slow Burn Theatre Company's musical productions. These fun workshops build on the themes and content of the scheduled Slow Burn Theatre Company shows. Our main goal is to engage seniors in discovering and sometimes rediscovering their joy for theatre while leaving social isolation.

Workshop #1: Movement - “Everybody Cut Loose” Participants will learn a dance to the title song from Footloose: the Musical, up next at Slow Burn Theatre Company. Movement will be customizable to participants’ needs, can be done standing or sitting.

Workshop #2: Test Your Knowledge - “Somebody’s Eyes” Participants will test their knowledge about the film and musical Footloose, including “Name That Tune,” Basic Trivia, and more!

Workshop #3: Singing - “Let’s Hear It!” Participants will learn the melodies and lyrics to “Let’s Hear It For the Boy” from the musical Footloose. Movement to follow!

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