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Slow Burn Theatre Board and Officers


Board Member

Joe Balchunas

Joseph Balchunas, a native New Yorker and a resident of Oakland Park, FL, is very proud to serve as a Board Member for Slow Burn Theater Company. Prior to his role on the board, Joe enjoyed serving as a loyal volunteer for Slow Burn Theater Company for four seasons.
Joe has been employed by Broward County Public Schools for the last 30 years. As a teacher, he was honored with the prestigious, State of Florida and Broward County Teacher of the Year award. He is also a recipient of the Walt Disney Dreamers and Doers Award. As a school-based administrator for 18 years, Joseph was nominated for Principal of the Year for Broward County Schools. Currently, he is serving as a Director of Teaching and Learning for Broward Schools and is a Ph. D. Candidate at Florida Atlantic University.

In addition to his volunteer work with Slow Burn, Joe volunteers for the South Florida Tennis Club and works with local organizations that provide support and outreach to families and students in distress. In his spare time, Joe enjoys a round of tennis, theater, concerts, and enjoys cooking and baking. 

Joe believes that theater is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. In his words. “Every show produced is pure magic, and Slow Burn is the epitome of excellence in transforming musical theater one show at a time.”


Board Member

David Diaz

Having found my perfect home in South Florida after leaving New York thirty years ago, I have never once looked back. Engaging in the world of real estate since 2005, I bring a unique perspective to the industry thanks to my background in international marketing management and my years of experience with a major insurance company. Standing out from the crowd, my unwavering dedication to customer service, innovation, and problem-solving has set me apart.


Driven by a calling to assist others with compassion and concern, I wholeheartedly embraced the opportunity to be involved in various nonprofits and charitable organizations. Although making choices was not easy, I selected the ones that meant the most to me. Through a dear friend, I came across Slow Burn Theater, and it has become a significant part of my life as a current board member. With an enduring love for theater, I count myself fortunate to have witnessed and cherished every minute of their captivating shows. Slow Burn Theater takes great pride in showcasing the finest contemporary musical theater to the South Florida community.


My heart truly lies within the realm of artistic expression, and my mission is to inspire both adults and children to actively participate in the arts. I firmly believe that art should be accessible to all, and that nurturing creativity from a young age is of utmost importance.


In my capacity as a board member at Slow Burn Theatre, I eagerly anticipate our future achievements on stage. I am excited to welcome new audiences and subscribers, as together, we pave the way for a world where the transformative power of the arts knows no bounds.

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