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Mission Statement

Slow Burn’s mission is to showcase the best of contemporary musical theatre to South Florida, particularly by producing high-quality shows that likely have not been seen by our audiences.  We recognize and support the incredible talents of South Florida’s creative professionals, and we provide them with a home where they can create and perform in a nurturing and rewarding environment.






Core Values


Artistic Freedom:  For any show that we produce, from new works to Broadway mega-hits, we dig down to the artistic heart and core purpose of the show so that we can successfully communicate the show’s underlying message to our audiences in an honest, unique and compelling way.


New Voices:  Slow Burn promotes new voices in musical theatre by offering a home to develop and stage impactful new works that may not have a home on Broadway but that tell important stories that should be heard by audiences.  This will include shows about and written by people whose stories are traditionally under-represented in musical theatre, including Black, Indigenous and people of color; women; and people who identify as LGBTQ+.


Serving a Broader Audience:  By staging its performances in a theater with a lower average ticket price, Slow Burn hopes to introduce the art of musical theatre to a wider, more economically and socially diverse audience.  In addition to offering lower ticket prices, we participate in the Dignity in Aging Initiative, reach out to underrepresented groups within South Florida, offer discounted tickets to students and educators, and develop internal programs that welcome economically disadvantaged teens and adults to experience their first musical.


Reflecting the South Florida Community:  Slow Burn’s goal is for its creative team, cast, crew and audiences to reflect the diversity of its home in Broward County.   To achieve this goal we will aggressively advertise employment and casting opportunities to Black, Indigenous and people of color; encourage our professionals to volunteer at creative arts programs that serve underrepresented populations; practice inclusive casting; provide our employees with a safe system for reporting harassment and discrimination; and expand the diversity of our committees and Board of Directors.


A Home for Artists:  Our theatre is a family, and all of our creative professionals are lifelong members.  We nurture each other’s ambitions and help each other to navigate the challenging task of earning a living as musical theatre professionals.


Developing the Next Generation:  Slow Burn encourages and supports the next generation of musical theatre professionals by offering internships to college and graduate students, providing safe spaces for musical theatre performers of all ages to network and share their stories, and engaging in community outreach to educate musical theatre hopefuls of all ages.

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